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Please use the Forms & Contacts below and join us in creating a great 2016 Bread & Honey Festival !

The Main Stage
ALL groups must submit an application form if they wish to be considered for the 2017 festival, even if they performed at it last year.

Please use the 'Online Form' .
No applications will be accepted after Friday, March 24, 2017.

Please note, due to the large number of applicants, you will only be contacted if you are chosen to be in this year's schedule. The final schedule will be posted April 3, 2017

Apply Online: Go to Online Form...

Upper Lot 'Entertainment Square' Organizer
Contact: Sandra

A note to previous dance troupes and other interested dancers, singers, dramatists

The upper lot this year will have the same type of venue as last year.

The stage will be the same 20X20 flat floor at ground level with a tent covering, and be situated in the centre of the parking lot adjacent to the south side of the arena. It will be a 360 degree venue, in other words there is no back or front. There will be a low fast-fence surrounding it, with an opening on each side.

We are limiting the size of the troupes to 20 people. Free wrist bands will be issued to each troupe, up to a maximum of 20. There is no honorarium (same as last year).

Each performance will have a maximum of 30 minutes, there will be 5 slots available for each of Sat and Sun.

Performance can be strictly a performance or they could be a teaching/interactive approach with the audience.

There will be a small PA system for announcing and a CD player and a technician. For musicians, there will be a technician on site to give you some sound, but that will be limited. Bringing in a lot of equipment will be very difficult because your vehicles will not be permitted on the grounds. If you need equipment then contact me to make alternate plans.

There will be a dressing room available for the performers. If your group fits and/or can adjust to these new parameters, please fill out the online application form below, or the pdf form and email it back to .


New! Apply Online: Go to Online Form...
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Island Children's Stage
Contact: Reg



PLEASE: No Dogs, Bicycles, Rollerblades, Scooters or Skateboards in the Park.